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Tell Biden: We can't miss our chance to pass the Global HER Act

Woman in door pass the Global HER Act 2021

Right now, Congress is considering the Global HER Act, which would retire the Global Gag Rule forever and end the suffering it causes for millions of women worldwide.

We have our first chance in years to pass this law, but we need President Biden to push the passage of the Global HER Act as a priority.

Tell President Biden to call on his allies in Congress to make the Global HER Act law. Email the White House now.


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Dear President Biden, 

I am writing to request you put your full support behind the Global HER Act to retire the cruel Global Gag Rule permanently. As Congress debates this common-sense policy, they must hear your voice. I am asking you to emphasize your strong support for its passage now.

Please call on your allies in Congress and ensure they know you are prioritizing the passage of the Global HER Act.

The Global Gag Rule overrides local laws and gets between women and their health care providers, barring recipients of U.S. Foreign Aid from providing, or even counseling on, abortion. The result goes further than restricting women from reaching safe abortion services; it chokes funding for basic health care, including contraceptive access--and people pay with their lives.

I was among the millions who celebrated when your administration revoked the Gag Rule in January, but we also know the next president could just as easily reinstate it.

Please help stop this cruel pattern by publicly supporting the Global HER Act now and pushing Congress to make it law, right away.

Thank you for defending the health and reproductive freedom of all women.

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